June 25, 2019
2 min read

This trip is like none ever. Oh how much I needed break from who I was: the responsible son, husband, father, professional.

Today due to unforseen circumstances it is nepal bandha, and I am out of my town. Nothing to do. Except revel in my thoughts. Thoughts of detachment.

Detachment is so important to me. At times at my luxurious lifestyle I get bored like anyone else. But i don’t like partying anymore and certainly not outing with friends. I need to be absolutely alone, being able to be naked literally. I need such breaks i realize. I just realize how lucky I am that my career gives me such a lifestyle.

In these two days i went through so much downs. My brain almost fragmented in tension. There was a client that didn’t want to compromise on dates. I took my stand and may be lost it. It tore me yesterday, i swam it out. Even today I felt i was being unproductive because my plan was disrupted by the bandha, but then I knew in the morning itself, that this day too will pass. at 4.30pm it has passed and it was one of the most beautiful days till today.

I have no where to go, nothing to do , no one to be: for one day. I feel refreshed so absolutely.