New times, new roles: redefining yourself

May 28, 2009
3 min read

Even a comparatively poor country like Nepal is getting into the harsh realities of a burstling economy.  There was a time when only the poor had to work heavily to be able to survive. 

Today even the rich and the middle class are working as much as they can.  Why?  It is no longer because of bare survival but it is because everyone else is running.  A point has reached where people think that nothing is enough.  It is as if there is a perpetual hole in the vase and one has to continuously pour in water.  It is mad. 

Such a changing time came very fast in the west, the first world and the developing countries.  Now this fast tempo of life where there is never an end to working and earning has entered the countries like Nepal. 

However, we have learnt from the west.  No career can be more important than happiness in the home.  Many sacrifices have to be made but they must be balanced between those done in the name of career and those in the name of family happiness.

I am a professional management consultant and i know how to solve human relationship problems very well.  I am just wondering how the rest of the world are balancing success and happiness? 

However if i have to tell you in short how you can balance success and happiness here are some tips:

1.  Don’t see your spouse as as wife/husband.  See her/him as a fellow traveller.

2.  Don’t be too attached to any business partner.  Use the law of ‘Who needs whom more?’ to decide whether to continue, discontinue or transform business relationships.

3.  Worship your paying customers and any potential customers

4.  Don’t wait for your immediate boss to motivate you, be proactive. 

5.  Treat your subordinates and colleages with mutual respect. 

6.  Take care of your aging parents.  Be an example of loyalty. 

7.  Whenever you think bad of someone, leave your doubts ample space for the possibility that you may be wrong or that it could be worse than you thought: it is more than bad, it is evil.

8. Sigmund Freud, Napoleon Hill and all the great tantiks were right when they said that sex lies at the root of all grand success or grang miseries.  Freud missed lots of points that tantriks have been saying for thousands of years: alchemy of sex or in Hill’s words transmutation of sex into ambition and genius.  So take care of your sexuality. 

9.  Have a mental time span of at least 30 years.  Don’t want to do all right away. 

10.  Be in touch with you inner gyroscope.

Well here are some 10 tips that will help you redefine your role with the world in the new times