Progress report of my samadhi

June 23, 2019
3 min read

With every day of sitting in Samadhi, this state is becoming more and more normal: as if to take a nap. It is easier to get into samadhi then sleeping because I just need to will myself into that state.

In that state I am not fully the same person that I am now or before and after. My essence is the same but my concerns change, not so totally as in dreams but definitely I know more things and don’t know old things. My personality also slightly changes.

Over time, the samadhi practice has become simpler. It is as if experimentation leads to some effective methods and I stick to them. The current method I use is:

  • I go to the moon, it is white. I have a red cushioned seat. I sit on it in meditation. So I am may be 20 times bigger than the moon or may be the size of the earth.
  • then I immediately emit energy and absorb energy first in the form of yellow rays emanating from me like a giant egg
  • another part of me moves at tremendous speeds many times that of light, and revolves around the galaxy or milky way in about 5 min. It is an almost circulatory trajectory.
  • Then various thoughts try to grap my attention, but I leave drop them dead or absorb them in the above energy egg field. then I forget them
  • At times I feel pulled by the tiredness in the body that needs sleep, but I manage to ignore it and stay up
  • Currently my problem is that I don’t know where am “I” . Sometimes i stay in the egg. Other times I just travel in the beam of light. It is very difficult to be in both
  • I have divided my space into 4 sections:
    • front – is the present time
    • right – is the future
    • left – is the past
    • back – is the sub-conscious state
  • So I can choose where to move in the universe:
    • i start from front to stay in the now
    • I start from the left to see the origin of creation and big bang and more
    • I don’t usually go to the right because I am uncertain and know that the future is made in a highly probabilistic manner that I can’t comprehend now.
    • I go at the back to submerge myself into the places i go in my dreams.
  • This peculiarity of this space is that it is purely empty. I am the only one in the entire universe.
  • Immediately outside I sense another force which i think is my feminine energy, yogmaya whom I saw in my dreams a few weeks ago
  • outside her sphere I believe is the rest of the creation which I am not directly interacting with and have no interest in doing.
  • This experience raises so many questions I cannot answer. I cannot even ask the proper question.
  • there is a story of brahma who was created by Vishnu. He was in the dark for millions of years and could only hear the flute sound. this is exactly how i am percieving the reality of samadhi.
  • Scriptures said that this state was beyond words. True. It was beyond words in their times. Today the world has so many frameworks to help humanity interpret samadhi in plain words like I am doing. For me it is just difficult to explain because I have not understood and not explored enough of that vast space during samadhi. But once i understand, i will not be without words to describe this state and its relationship with the rest of humanity.