Training industry has collapsed

September 7, 2020
2 min read

Today is September 7th. The prophecy was on November 7th. Exactly 2 months to go. I don’t know why it is so interesting. Frankly now it even doesn’t matter. But I guess it is because there is nothing else to look forward to. Nothing in the pipeline, there is no more pipeline.

Training solved a problem that doesn’t exist anymore. Many people need to summoned to one place and they need to be educated in fun way.

For me it is not such a great loss. I made my money and got out, invested it and rich. Many didn’t see it coming and were living high on this lucrative problem. Many think of them think that video calls can replace this. But it is absurd as it is the wrong solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. If the problem was ‘the need to learn” zoom would have worked.

So I don’t know what I would be doing now with this old skill set. Will such a day occur again?

The bbc said it was a 1.1 trillion dollar industry, and in it I was having 1 million rupees or 10,000 dollars a year. So it is nothing for me. Some people earned that much in one hour. These people will take a big it. Companies earned billions a year easily solving this problem. That will be hard for them.

I didn’t invest myself into this problem too deeply because I had earned enough. May be for the wrong reason, I escaped unharmed. Even my ex colleagues took a big heat as they were invested fully in solving this problem that would be eternal like hair growing.

But today is a time when even hair cutter are out of business what to speak of trainers like me.