Prophecy: how will it unfold?

September 1, 2020
1 min read

I am certain that I am on a personal journey to the ultimate level a human being can reach. How? That is clear: by doing what I am currently doing. That nothing can stop me from.

However I am baffled by my other mission: to change the world that also by being a Charkravarty or the ceo of ceo’s. I just know how this part of my life will unfold.

Will someone powerful recognize me and put in the seat of power?

Will an event occur forcing me to that seat?

But then what would be my motivation to take up such a dirty job, that would erode my inner peace for money that I don’t need, for power that I don’t want, for fame that I don’t care about.

But it is not possible that I am given all this inner power for just living and dying away without leaving a legacy behind. It is not possible.

Before I was afraid I would die in oblivion. Now I wish it occurred that way because I know it can’t be that way.