I am a spiritual genius

September 1, 2020
2 min read

As usual my pain about not being important and needed like before is or has vaporized. It doesn’t matter now. The corona virus has destroyed my career but it has opened to me doors that otherwise I would never enter in this birth with my temperament.

As I spend every day with the same routine, I don’t feel bored. Every day my mind is getting less cluttered. It is as if I am getting closer to the source. I am able to read so many books. What I am sure of is that many people have taken up the missions I was worried needed to be taken to achieve things I needed in the spiritual realm.

I envision that in my past lives I had learned so much from so many masters, and that in this life I just applied everything I learned from them. That is why I don’t need any guidance. It is saying like I am a genius but only that it concerns no one. I basically know everything. Whatever I don’t know I learn from books that I stumble into. Whatever the books can’t teach me, I derive from them. Whatever cannot be derived I see in dreams. Whatever I can’t interpret from dreams, I am spoken in dreams. Whatever dreams cannot achieve, events unfold in life that I can’t walk away from. In this way there is nothing that can stop me from progressing in whatever journey I took birth for. There is always an alternate way for me to acquire the knowledge.