What if i did not have the time?

May 4, 2010
3 min read

It is a general strike in Nepal. It means the country has come to a halt since three days.  Like others my work also has been stopped.  I lose money but in these moments i gained much more.  I use these times to reflect and contemplate. 

This time i had the chance to come face to face with an inner trouble that is so subtle that without these few days of total inaction, i could not have even put a finger into it. 

That thing is a sense of retirement.  Not out of frustration.  If it was that i would have detected in normal times too.  No this sense of resignation was born of success and achievement.  I have been strategic and that brought me luck.  I am successful beyond my wildest imagination.  In my case it is not about having money but it is about doing and being a management consultant. 

Having reached the summit, i was unable to answer myself questions such as :

  • what after this?
  • what for all this money?
  • why work so hard?
  • and few more questions.

I found the answer to all my questions because i had the time to formulate them. 

Then i suddenly wondered: what i did not have this time to look deep into myself.  What would have happened?  I would have been sabotaging my own success. 

Then i drew a parallel.  I saw a fat woman do water aerobics on tv.  Then i wondered, “how did she allow herself to grow to such a size?”  Now it is her reality.  But the addition of 30 kilograms or even 10 kilograms can’t happen one fine night.  It happens over years. 

the answer probably is that they never had the chance or time to stop and look at their weight and stop. 

This speaks a lot about our life. 

  • increase in weight
  • mounting depression
  • increasing greed
  • drive for achievement
  • clash in values
  • disputes
  • mental turmoil
  • lethargy
  • busyness
  • suspicion
  • naiveness
  • accumulation of wealth

If we don’t stop and look at these issues that surround our life then we will die from diseases related to these. 

It is just fascinating at how many people will never stop to look. 

then is is just sad that of those who stop , only a few will know how to look. 

Of the few who can look, only the chosen through will find divine guidance to escape the clutches of the three fold misery (failure, disease, death). 

So before it is too late and you wake up and find yourself 20 kg more than you are today, learn to weigh yourself and take preventive measures.