Choose to be the best in whatever you do

June 6, 2009
1 min read

Imagine packing the power of nuclear plant in a mobile. That brings negative image.  Instead imagine packing the power of an elephant in a mouse.  That would be cool, won’t it?

Now imagine you could have the charisma of obama, the entrepreneurship of Bill Gates, the spitual acumen of a mahayogi, the sensuality of an ex-donjuan, the love of the dearest granparent, the philosophical inclination of plato, the causational genuis of Einstein, the fitness of an athlete, the humor of jim carrey or Govinda, the determination to bring change of a highly paid CEO, advanced knowledge imparting methods of ancient Rishis and the enthusiasm of a rock star, the thrilling demeanor of an adventurer, all packed in a person who comes to your class or meeting room or seminar hall. How would that sound? Would you want to invite this person or would you want to be such a person?

I don’t have to but i choose to perfect myself so that my audience gets all the best of me. 

But it is a tough job. 

However why live life half way? that is my philosphy… Do the best, be the best and the best will come to you.