Two fundamental strategies of growth

June 6, 2009
1 min read

Save yourself from stagnation in your business by consciously which of the following two strategies you will follow:

1.  Reaction

2.  Action

People dont’ know which of the two they chose and they get frustrated.  Either one of them require different sets of attitudes, working styles, personalities and even philosophies. 

Simply put REaction strategy is about waiting for clients to come to you.  and Action strategy is about going to clients. 

Books on salesmanship speak volumes on how to make a sale, but i have found out that the biggest challenge for most people is the part where they have to start the process.

People are confused how it starts. 

So i devised a simple Acronym that worked for me very well on the struture of how to start:

1. C for CAll

2.  E for Email

3.  V for Visit

4.  S for Sms

Just by doing one or more of the above actions then you will be starting with the ACtion strategy. 

Again it requires its own set of personality type, attitude, beliefs, values and even a philosphy.