Active Silence

April 26, 2014
2 min read

In life there are so many things that you just cant agree with. But the truth is that you cant afford to disagree also. Yes we have all been there. But we all have not reacted in the wisest way.

Some express their anger at this frustrating situation. This will eventually lead them to repent later without solving the situation. Most likely it would have gone from bad to worse. Then only death would ease the pain.

Others accept the situation without speaking. They might even appear to be happy. Their silence is not a healthy one. In the long run the energy of disagreement between what is and what in their eyes should be, will lead them to grow cancers or tumors or create dysfunctions in their body. The outcome is the same as before: only death is the end of the pain.

Yet I believe there is a better better way to deal with this problem. I call it active silence.

Silence is a powerful weapon. Words are the most valuable assets or the most expensive liability.

By combining silence and words one can come out of the worst ever situations in life.

It could be a crisis at home or at work. It could be on an individual level or an organizational level.

In all aspects the secret is the symphony of silence and words. That is what I call active silence.

But what most people do is either use words and words or it is to stay silent all the time.

The balance between silence and words is the ultimate art of both happiness and success in life:
l. In individuals: at home or at work.
2. In organizations: within and without