My workshop style: consciouness shifts

June 5, 2009
1 min read

It was a challenge to take these students to these heights of consciousness where they forget that they young, irresponsible and troubled like hell and instead get settled into realizing that they are already getting late on the path of success, that they must take control of their lives and that they have seen nothing of the real problems that are yet to hit them. 

This part is like flying a plane by the sheer power of mind and spirit.  Taking all.  It is tough but the joy you recieve when they land into higher levels of consiousness , is one of the most enthralling experiences in the world. 

I’ve given up any form of traditional profession to be able to take masses of people to higher, more conducive and altered state of consciousness and giving them the skills to stay there.  It is cool even though lonely and daunting.  But I think it is like climbing treacherous mountains to get the view from the top or just the feeling of achieving the impossible.