Welcoming frustration

March 7, 2022
1 min read

Just till yesterday I was feeling on top of the world after back to back super trainings. Then today after learning about the negative feedback last week’s training, even though I processed the learning & am purified, I still feel low. It is natural.

lt is a learning I just didn’t know. So it is better I learned it now than later. It is part of my professional growth.

yet it can not be denied I am frustrated. But it is because I invited it by making calls to 2 CEO’s. They are like hot girls in college & they too have their own priorities. I am just frustrated they can’t see i can help them. I wish they did.

However I am happy I am doing the right things in the internet age with my videos & my book reviews.

There is no way my vision will not come true. Corona virus came for me to make the biggest jump into enlightenment. The rest is minute.

Dreams had been preparing me. Good.

But now I must meditate for my next mission.

Voila. It is the answer to on what to meditate next.