the last endorphin blast

March 12, 2022
2 min read

After the trip to Chulingtar, I regained a new sense of energy. As I woke up on the second day a new understanding of the mega bank training came, that released full endorphins , may be the final one: it is the failing of the earlier trainer to create such a bias towards serious talk. If people are negative towards a neutral person like me, how negative with they be towards their boss on a daily basis. Also this reflects a poor values system of the mega bank team that promotes the wrong concepts of life.

I came to realize that it did not matter whether i worked for a bank or a trading house. What matters is that my work is appreciated and my advices are used. In the end, the serotonin and good karma will count not where they came from. I was illusioned by the glamorizing of the banking sector. but I realize after 5 years working fully with them after closing my 2 companies, that they are no different or better than the SME’s. Some banks are good , most are ignorant and some are bad. the average corresponds with the national average.

so instead of banging my head for not getting more bank work, i will focus on ‘whoever needs, wants, and values me’. it is major strategy shift. This one is based on sound and true understanding.

Indeed the last endorphin blast of this thought process.