February 7, 2022
1 min read

I am regaining my momentum of andrenalin which i had to kill totally on the onset of corona. but i have now learned how to switch it on and off.

Until last year i thought i was on a lost cause focussing on customer service, the lowest job. I missed the top positions consulting. However lately with the changes in banking policy to cap interests rate at 10% and my interactions with ceo’s, i realize now my game has just begun.

Then reading the google reviews of hospitals i realize customer service metric will eventually bypass profits in a few years because it is so immediate. Then the link between customer service and profit now is ever more clear to shareholders.

I feel excited. Many crooks will come but they won’t be able to deliver because you can’t cheat customers in the age of google reviews.

So in the end i am playing a winning game. i am excited. Regaining lost momentum of andrenalin.