Winning the war against lust

December 17, 2010
2 min read

As I watch people feasting I feel no desire to eat anything. I just had my lunch.

But as I watch  a love sCene or nudity I feel something.

Could a day happen when i feel about sex like food: no big deal?

As a soul in a male body , like most my of Counter parts , I endured extended war with lust. I think tiMe has come to make this war more winnable to more souls in a male bodies through a system approach. 

I think there are Several levels we go though:

1. Sensation of the genitals

2. Romantic  feelings

3. Bodily attraction pull to the opposite sex

4. Curiosity Of the mechanical aspeCt of sex by watching

5. Touching

6. Sleeping  with many

7. Kissing  

8. celibacy

9. Sexual imagery (fantacizing) and verbalization

10. Watching

11. Many times with same partner.

12. Exhibitionism

13. Desire to being  Seduced

14. Abstraining

15. Transmuting

If one Cannot direct sexual energy to the last level one Of two  things happen:

1.  Perversion

2. Getting  dull or mediocrity

Utimately one must get to transmulation of  sex. Some  reach it in the above sequence others in another, if one is to be retain sanity and completeness as a human being.

The pull Of lust was designed to make sure procreation Continued in any situation. One must question his own feelings and not be a slave of them.

With all the technologies  available an aspiring yogi can attain salvation from lust and without bondage.