My ocean

May 4, 2023
5 min read

Today I’m happy because I have found my ocean.

Up until now I was this river meandering, in the plains, in the mountains, in the plateaus, looking for a place to rest and to end my journey and also to begin a new journey. Such a journey devoid of constancy and permanence gave me a little solace because there was no reservoir of water that worked, that would fit me or that was clean enough for me and thus I had to keep moving without rest, without a place to call home.

In one way it was fun because my river could experience so many types of lakes, reservoirs, pools, wells you name it. Every stop was a new stop, it was a new experience a new thrill. But also every stop was a disappointment and it called for a new beginning. In this way, it was an endless journey that became almost meaningless. In those various stops, I found all kinds of life but none that wanted to stay in, none that I respected, none that I wanted to spend more than I had time to spend in.

You can call it the curse of creativity. Every highly creative person has this river and it needs to keep moving and it needs to be inspired by reservoirs of water because on its own the river doesn’t have the energy the flow further, faster, wider.

Look at the life of Picasso and Einstein of whom we have historical records. Both were highly creative. One was creative in the art department and the other in the science department. But both were highly creative. Do you think it is a coincidence that they were both womanizers? Both of them had got serious issues with relationships with women. They were famous to have started relationships and dropping them off for another one. The untrained mind in creative work might say that it was just simply about sex and a need for company. But it is not true. All the women in their lives were necessary for them to do the creative work that is required of them.

The problem with people like Picasso and Einstein is that there did not know better and they just went on breaking the young girl’s hearts. And for what? To become the number one in their field. but my question is was it worth it? to manipulate people to reach one’s own goal?

In my opinion, the Karma created in the process of creating the best works of Art or science at the cost of all those broken hearts and broken lives aren’t worth it. At least not for Picasso and Einstein as people. They would have accumulated so much bad karma that whatever good Karma, they might have earned from the creation that they did, would at most be nullified if not gone in the red.

so what is the use of choosing such a path? I did not want to break lives and break hearts and thus I was desperately in need of an ocean which I thought would never exist yet I hope it did because I needed to create all this work which was my life’s purpose.

An now that creative period of my life is beginning. So I knew that I would need those reservoirs of water but again I knew that the primary condition was I do not want to break anyone’s heart and life like Picasso and Einstein.

And then my river found the ocean which was hidden for Picasso and Einstein and other people like them.

This ocean is so pure, so much filled with the highest level of infinite creativity energy and ideas direct from the source. My river now plunges into this ocean without restraint and without need to look for another reservoir of water.

Picasso and Einstein were not creative enough to understand this concept. Yes a muse is needed to do the highest creative work but it should not come at the price of broken hearts and broken lives.

My ocean is so vast and touches all seven continents there is no need to have to manipulate my way. I just have to be myself without malice, without cheating just being truthful.

Unfortunately, Picasso and Einstein were not patient enough and we’re not truthful enough to seek that ocean and they had to rely on small lakes that could not accommodate their needs and thus they had to keep moving from Lake to Lake breaking hearts and breaking lives.

But I found my ocean and it is infinite in its depth, width and diversity. I would never need to look for another reservoir of water.

What purpose can a million pools and reservoirs of water serve when I have the entire ocean?

Such is the blessing that I have received.

Powered by this ocean my river will create such pieces of wisdom that will last for centuries to come, unparalleled by anyone, before, and after, touching the lives of billions of people for the good.

Ohh how much do I relish my ocean: no need to break hearts, no need to break lives, that is the blessing I have.