Making peace with the past

December 12, 2010
2 min read

I feel a deep sense of peace: I discovered the present of my past. I did a google search of  people I had left decades back, not, on good terms , in confusion , in disharmony , Some even in enimity, still other in mutual disgust. I had forgotten them totally. An event triggered the recollection of these people.

No more anger. Just a Concern whether their lives were better off after I left and because I came into their lives. That was in this mind frame I searched for them.

I found them facebook, friendster. I Saw their pictures. An popUp asked “do you want to invite them?”

No I did  not want. I was like a ghost coming in world  of the living.  Yes I am dead for these people. I was a bad a dream for many.

I didn’t mean it. It just turned out that way.

Life has its Strange ways.

But I was so relieved seeing  them happy, loved and bright.

Ever if I meet them they will shun away because I as told you I am a ghost  to them.

I imagine the day when I will be famous amongst billions and history: how would they react?

We all have a past we are not proud of . I realized it is important to find closure. It took me decades to make this decision. How long  will it take you to decide to end the past and embrace the present?