Resting and thinking

August 27, 2020
1 min read

I am in the office space at the top of the house. I have made good of all spots in my house. I have passed the whole day exercising, learning, resting and increasing my peace. Now it is a time for creativity. I listen to 80s music mostly as they give me the most peace.

I am satisfied with the new format of videos as with minimal work I am getting maximum output possible.

I wonder at times what my life is set for. When the whole world is doing not much except worrying and bitching, I am preparing for a new life. Life like what, I don’t know.

I have great visions of being important but I know it is not that. What will fold out? I cannot even imagine.

I am jealous of people who live the 3rd chakra and neither go up or down in consciousness. But it must be a truly empty life.

In my case I had in’s and out’s with the 3rd chakra. I thought I was unlucky but I realize it was about not being bound or entangled.