Life can’t be unfair

May 1, 2009
1 min read

Many times we feel life is unfair and we are the subject of injustice. I have come to realize that this thought is a spirtually immature one.  It is our lack of vision that is blinding us.  We think that somone like oneself got something and since you also did not get it, life is unfair, that is if that thing is favorable.  On the other hand if that something was unfavorable, you would feel life was unfair if you got it and someone else did not. 

However, looking at life in such a way only takes our prowess away like a container that leaks. 

Instead you must look at life in a bigger spectrum and ask yourself:

1.  is there any positive thing that i am supposed to derive from this?

2.  is there a similar bad thing i made happen unto someone in the past?

3.  did my behavior someone invite this situation?

Once you think in this line, life can’t be unfair with you.