Mind training for Calmness

August 12, 2010
2 min read


There was a program on discovery called “Fight science”.  In that episode, a sniper was placed in extreme heat, ice cold and amidst insects but still he was able to shoot on target between heart beats.  He credited this act to training. 


Another figher plane pilot was subject to rotation in all possible axises for 10 mins and still he could do all the thinking and typing as if normal. He credited this act to training. 


A ranger could shoot on target, after climbing at 10,000 feet (very low oxygen) for 10 min. He credited this act to training. 


Then why can’t we think straight when a loved one irritates us or does something we don’t like? 


Why does our mind go haywire at the listening of a bad news or good news? 


Why does illness, failure and pain affect our thinking capacity?


Could we train the mind to stay calm in all these mundane situation?  I think this is more important to more people than shooting a target, being rotated and keeping your head straight even after streneous exercises at high altitude. 


If that could be done,

We would not be shaken by irritating behaviors, people, bad and good news, failure, pain or illness. 

We would always be calm, creative, happy , positive and powerful. 


Great men have trained their minds to work in this highly trained manner.  Mendala was reported never to have replied badly to guards in his 28 years of prison.  Now that is serious mind control. 


I have 100 year old granny, who is so graceful despite the pain of old age , loss of all her children. 


People have done it.


I know that I to want it. 


To that end I used the visualization techniques today.  I zoomed on the Amazon forest.


My favorite technique is inspired by HeatMath and tao.  I imagine a meter in my two palms.  0 means totally mad with worries.  10 means totally unconscious in bliss. 


I maintain a steady 8 meaning totally calm enough for all the creativity and positivity to flow in and flow without obstruction. 


What’s your technique?