Motivating finance cooperative staffs

May 2, 2009
1 min read

Their job was job: go to shops and collect daily savings and daily or monthly installements of loans, also increase new members. They belong to the breed to finance saving and lending cooperative spread around the country. 

They face so many difficult situations like customers going back on the words of contracts asking questions like, “why can’t i remove money in 6 months when they have signed up for 1 year saving”, or customers misguiding them and hiding away to avoid paying installment. 

I taught them three things that will make their lives much easier:

1.  Take a strong position: dont’ go as someone who collects money, instead go as someone who is there to assist them in the financial ambitions. 

2.  HAve positive self talk: tell yourself , “I am a winner and today also i will get my job of collection done.” or “I am honest. I can convince anybody. After i convince any body will do what i ask.”

3.  Know the structure of selling and the techniques involved: opening, handing objection, close

After this training, the staff really jumped with energy and committed themselves to win in the field from the next day on.