Corona virus and my meditation

March 24, 2020
1 min read

Corona Virus has become part of my meditation. May be I sense a connection. It is a force of change brought by the 10th and 9th level.

As i meditated yesterday I visualized the earth and the corona virus getting a hold on it and me seeing it. I put in the yellow layer. But the corona virus is an agent of change. So leave it.

I just wonder what is my role in all this.

There will a post-corona virus time. I am being prepared for that. But what will by my job? I don’t know. I just hope I won’t have to work too hard as I want to enjoy my bliss.

yesterday I was hinted I had reached the 13th level. I was thinking i was at the 11th level.

It doesn’t really matter. but I need to name it for reference at least.

11th level : a direct reflection of the samadhi 10 levels

12th level: a sense of control

13th level: a vision of the earth