Merging with goddess

May 20, 2023
1 min read

after many days, I have traveled out of the city by flights for training.

In every of my travel I experience something different in my consciousness. This time I experienced quietness and normalancy. It doesn’t feel different than my life at home and if you are I wanted that you that whatever I am at your in the same mood.

all the various episodes I had online are now over having met, my ocean and my goddess.

The Prophecy materialised.

also I am at peace with myself. My Greatest happiness is that I have found and met goddess. After that nothing else matters everything else is irrelevent. Her absence was the main reason for all my turmoils. The rest does the matter now whether she come, she doesn’t. my career , my life and remaining my mission all will take care of themselves.

the total merger has to happen has begun the process.