A great deed

September 12, 2022
1 min read

The counseling work I am doing at the college is really tough emotionally. Listening to so much pain at such young age and the additional pain due to the inability to make a diagnosis and treat the issues.

I realize my power of detachment come in handy here. There is no way, anyone can even listen, let along objectively make a diagnosis and offer solutions, without the cool head like mine. So I feel great and it is a very great deed I know: saving a life and many generations.

All this counseling is refining my knowledge beyond my wildest imagination. I guess all these years I was beating the wrong bushes: trying to counsel leaders. They are dumbasses, neurotics who are in the hearts just kids who didn’t figure it out. So being able to work with kids who are young enough to open up and old enough to do so, has opened to unthinkable insights.

Where will all this lead, I have yet to see but I am sure it will be somewhere good.