The new landscape of ‘getting a job’

September 1, 2009
2 min read

Young generation of job-seekers haven’t yet got the clue that the world of recruiting has changed.  They think they are going to find treasure island using an outdated map.  So what am i talking about?

Outdated map

Commercial ventures are not old in Nepal.  They have been quite active only since the last 30 years or so.  At the beginning if someone started his company, when it came to staffing he would choose people he knew from outsiders.  The general concept then was that you can not keep people you don’t know in you organization.  What if they steal?  They will have no ownership or loyalty.  In addition by keeping someone you know, you would increase you social prestige and people would owe you favors.  In this way you would become richer. 

However this concept turned out to be wrong.  Having your own people in the organization it was impossible to take strong actions against them.  They found it easier and worse is that they found more valid reasons to cheat, and swindle.  They were not efficient and did not upgrade themselves.  They slowed down the company.  They were a cancer.  The loss of productivity never compensated any favors got by placing the relative of someone they knew.

Eventually now companies have had enough of people they know when it came to staffing.  So now these very companies are devising new systems to solve this problem and be able to hire the best.  It is enough since, the managment systems in most big organization will catch most general frauds of staffs. 

The new model

Now companies are outsourcing the recruitment process to HR consultancies. Their performance is judged on the quality of recruits they send.  So they don’t put people they know. 

I found that expert recruiters look for the following in any recruit

1.  Qualification 10%

2.  Confidence 10%

3.  Learning Attitude 30%

4.  Positive Attitude 40%

5.  Ambition  10%

So if you are student and looking for a job, use the right map.