Zeroing the core problem

May 2, 2009
1 min read

There is no greater gift than the ability to zero in on the root problem of perplexing and comples problematic situations.  When one is not able to do so, then one is lost like a in a maze.  Instead of finding a solution, he creates more problem. 

Just today, i was mired with so many problems.  They appeared as usual to be 1001.  But they were only 5.  And the root problem or the problem which if solved will solve the rest was only 1. 

By the end of the day, i solved this 1 problem.  Now the rest of the 4 problems are minisculed. 

NExt time you have a problem, zero in the core problem. 

I do this for my clients to solve their management problems when they hire me for management consulting assignments and they really find it powerful and fruitful.