My job is to transform people

May 5, 2012
2 min read

I get get surprised in workshops because by now I thought I knew it all when it came about out guessing people who come in to learn from me. As a professional trainer, this skill and attitude gets you success.

But this workshop was different. I was told the participants were big shots. But inside the hall they felt like college students, good timid and un accomplished. Breaking the barrier to help them come out and stand at least as college graduates, who would be proud of having passed was hard.

The training was on corporate leadership. How appropriate because they were supposed to be big corporate leaders but showed means meekness.

eventually I got then open up. And then the magical moment arrived. It was a perspering ordeal.

They began to share their achievements. Truly they were awesome even in my framework.

Then I showed them the picture of an iceberg. They thought that they were only the ice over the surface and had abandoned all active remembrance of the ice underneath.

Then they got it.

In the end they walked away as true leaders.

The problem was that they had the wrong or out dated attitude towards what it was to be a leader.

They thought it was bad to be superior to others or dominate or self promote oneself.

Now they are clear.

It was another successful transformation operation.

Time will tell what they will do with this new shift in perspective.