Tips: an new concept in Nepal

June 6, 2009
1 min read

I gave a good tip to a contractor, but he did not come back to do some extra work i forgot to tell him before he left. 

He had worked so responsibly before but i felt he screwed up afterwards.  Basically in Nepal , people are very backwards in terms of how to deal with customer expecations.

Before the ruling families used to give Bakshish, also a form or tips but it was usually a piece of land in a remote area. 

Even in resorts people seemed unaware of the process one gets tips.  In trainings i have to teach them. 

More and more NEpalese are giving tips if they satisfied with the level of custermer service.  They aren’t stopping themselves.  This a few but the number is rising. 

I think we should engage in giving tips when we are happy..