Don’t be too comfortable

July 9, 2009
2 min read

I have made someone my guru in business. I worked for him. He never taught me but i always learnt from him. Today also, all my major business decisions i take based upon the principl extracted from his words and actions. Smart? Yes. Otherwise how can you get the wisdom of many great men, of many life-times young enough to do something meaninful in life. 

One principle i had derived from him, that i am using currently to build my managment consulting empire, is “Dont’ be too comfortable.” 

It means that if you are too comfortable in a business relationship you must be careful.  They never last forever.  If they do, they will sap your creativity away.  Instead always be prepared to move.  Don’t be too attached.  It doesn’t mean betray.  It means without betraying. 

Learn to move on. 

It also means that if you are very comfortable with a client or a supplier, don’t be.  Always keep a space in your mind that it might not work out forever.  Expectations change, not only that in between villains might come and they might succumb to their influences and leave you dry.  So always keep exploring more and have back up. 

It is also a common sales tactic that is to have at least 25% more sales order than you can actually provide. 

It seems against the principle of retaining customers but we are not saying let them go.  All i am saying is that nothing usually lasts forever.  If it does, then great.  But if you want it to last forever you have alternatives and don’t depend fully on any client.  In this way you will do good to him and yourself. 

Same with relationships.  If you are too dependent on your spouse, it will make it too hard.  Spread your passion not among many women but many interests. 

I myself had to spread my effort from a single client to many clients in my writing business.  It is tough, but that is the way of business. Mostly by telling yourself “Don’t be too comfortable” you are making sure you will look out for other opportunities, other relationships. 

Using this principle has made my business decisions easier.  What about for you? Can it help?