Who can lead the mass?

February 15, 2014
2 min read

Every week for about 2 hrs I have involved in a community work. We clean the river out of plastics and other non degradable items. From minimum 500 volunteers upto 7000 turn up.

The common goal is to collect as Much waste as possible in 2hrs.

The problem however is not the waste in those 2 hrs. In that time the biggest headache is how to mobilize such a mass of people. They dont have lack of motivation. But they are volunteers and they dont have to follow anyone’s order. They dont have a boss.

So No one dares to lead.

Big shots come: they are ceo’s of thousands men but even they are baffled at leading that mass for 2 hrs. All their years of leading their organizations didnt prepare them for this.

But in that moment, I rise and lead as it were a flute I was playing. To me it Is so natural to make people work together as a team to succeed.

Then I wonder why others cant rise to the occasion and lead?

Today after 40 weeks of leading strangers as a mass l got the Answer.

All those leaders have lead so far using the gun of their power given by hierarchy and legality. Myself I gained experienced to lead without guns. Instead as a trainer and consultant I lead with followers pointing guns at me.

So when I have thousands of volunteers without guns: it is a piece of cake.