They wish you vanished. But..

June 7, 2009
2 min read

At the beginning and many times in the middle and especially at the top, they wish you vanish into thin air and let them carry on.  So what am i talking about?

I am talking about your business/career.  At the beginning even prosepective buyers will want you out of their office or homes or their mobiles.  Then once they understand the value you bring in their lives that is the middle part, then too many would want you to vanish and let it be like in the old times, even though more will want you to change the way things are. At the top, competitors will want you to vanish of the face of earth so they can reap the market you made. 

But it is not in your interest to grant their wish.  It is certainly not in the client’s interest either.  It is at such times faith in ones mission and purpose is needed to sustain oneself on the top. 

If you established your business rashly then when “they will wish you vanished…” you will vanish. 

If the business you made was based on strong values, when  “they will wish you vanished…” you will not be affected. 

It is tough at every point of the business cycle.  The type of difficulties (external or internal) change according to the phase you are in.  You must be versatile and always be ready to see how the game has changed and how you need to adapt.