Leading a company that is confused, towards growth

June 30, 2009
3 min read

This workshop was a for a growing company.  The problem they were facing was that the staffs did not produce as much results as needed to sustain the growth.  So where was the problem?  How could we empower them?

After discussing they agreed that the problem layed in :

1. Planning the programs which was the main the service this company sold

2. Execution of these programs in an intergrated manner

3.  Adequate support from all areas.

This was the problem set at the company level.  At the individual level, the problem was that staffs lacked but needed:

1.  MArket flair

2.  Ability to develop course titles that will sell

3.  Target approach to work

4.  Salesmanship

5.  Vision of individual success through the company

6.  Self-motivation

7.  Marketing planning skills

8. Strategic thinking skills

9.  Enthusiasm

10.  ability to get cooperation from others

One the staff demonstrated all these 10 qualities and he was very successful. 

To teach them how to go about the three problems (planning, execution and support), i gave them to change the layout of the room which was in class room style. I put three conditions:

1.  All must see each other

2.  it should promote unity

3.  the whole can be divided into groups

In order to do this task which is similar to selling programs i made them go through this process:

1. determine if all are on the same boat of change or not.  if not get them in. 

2.  Explore the various alternatives.  Choose the most profitable and challenging altetnative. 

3.  discuss and create buy in

4.  lay out the present state in a clear manner

5.  lay out the desired states and finalize on the best one

6.  plan for execution

  • divide the whole process
  • make a captain for each division
  • give them a team
  • make the captains meet
  • make the captain meet with the teams

7start and allow deviation from plan if they are better

8. tell other staffs to support

9.  Cheer lead

10.  announce completion

So now they know how to sell program as a team. 

Then i told them the prilivege they have to be selling programs under a national brand.  This will make people more open to their visits.  This will make make successful faster.  THey will make the staffs ‘most wanted’ and the company established. 

i illustrated this point by asking three volunteers to come in front and touch all the others as if a competition among them.  Then in the second round i asked them to join hands and swipe over every one.  This is what wokring under a national banner means. 

One staff said, “Whenever a program is decided to be launched and i am supposed to sell it, three questions come in my mind:

1.What to do?

2.  Where to go?

3.  How to do?”

The answers are:

1.  What to do?

  • call
  • visit
  • email
  • send proposals
  • follow up
  • roadshows
  • adding value to customers

2.  Where to go?

  • new clients
  • old clients
  • dissatisfied clients

3.  How to do?

  • open the offering
  • handle objections
  • close deal

In this way the company staff are ready to make history