Tasting the End of life every once in a while

June 29, 2010
1 min read

Again my pipeline is getting dry.  I was totally busy for the last two months.  I did not have the time to sell my time. 

I am looking at a prospect of free time. 

To many the life of a freelancer might seem fearsome.  It is like being out of job every month and then having to start all over every month.  There is no stability in any sense.  Yet people like me excel in such uncertainty.  Even entrepreneurs running companies dont deal in the kind of detachment i am talking about.  At least even if business is uncertain, the expecation of their employees is constant and so is their physical location. 

These times of free time give me time to meditate, and look back.  I am not in the rat race, i can afford it.  Isn’t it amazing?