1 minute exercise to double your personality

June 22, 2010
1 min read

I have been experimenting with a new training technique in my personality development workshops.  I call in the participants.  I do a before exercise and then i do the following exercise:

1.  take a long breath

2.  pull up and down your hands 10 timesr 

3.  make a protective coating of the aura

4.  raise your hands and pull down and up your hands

5.  close your lips and say “ohmm” and “happy birththday”

6.  Take a long breath

Now the pax are made to repeat the activities that range from:

  • saying hello
  • walking
  • shaking hands
  • answering questions
  • replying to orders
  • asking questions
  • replying to a bad news

After over 100 trials i have found that in all of the cases the pax report a double increase in the level of their personalities.  Observers too mark a dramatic change. 

My inference so far, is that this one minute exercise increases the level of energy of the pax, resulting in a natural and exponential upsurge of personality.