Dying and getting fired: similarity

November 4, 2010
1 min read

It was bad dream in that it left me almost in shock.  I was fired from a job.  Being a freelance management consultant, i have stopped to ponder the pains of people who have to stick to a particular job to survive.  I am a free man in that my skills are my assets and that is it.  The permanence of my survival is in my heart and in the connection i have with the higher being who secures my future and immediate jobs (more on this in another blog) . 

It must be devasting to be fired and not knowing how to pay the next month’s bill since you were only equipped to work in a particular organziation and task. 

Not only on the paycheck but the ego too must be hurt badly. 

But i compare getting fired from a job to getting your ego killed a little bit.  I believe this can be taken for a mock-up final death of the body. 

Well it is not nice to be dead by getting into an accident even in your job, based on my dream.