Management consulting: my passion

November 3, 2010
2 min read

I woke up upset about a consulting assignement of which the problem i could not solve yet.  It is a long, complex problem into which not many eyers have the capicity to see.  I guess that is why I am in demand any specialist consultant is called in.  That is because no one else can see the problme in the way he or she sees it.  To solve it first you must see it. 

It is a long consulitng assigment and it is turning out like a job.  It scares me since i have not be in a single organization for long since so long.  But this client has heavy investment and my consulting is like an insutance policy.  So much to solve if any ROI is to materialize. 

But i still keep variety in my assignments.  I want to keep myself always on the edge of mental adventure.  I allow my creativity to work for this client and take on other consulting projects.  It saves them money and makes me more competitive. 

It is hard.  The mind folow the third law of motion and thus prefers to keep its inetia.  Just stay in a single company and get a life! 

Imagine joining a company in the morning, rising to CEO in the afternoon and retiting in the evening.  Repeat the same cycle in another orgazniation the next day.  Well this is my life. I love it.

Today, i am back from cleaning the minds of 60 low level staffs by helping them re-connect with their families balance home and office.  It was all about getting to basics.  The company will take a new turn now.  That is why the CEO called me in. 

I love my life even though it stretches my mind and spirit like nothing else.