Laid back: totally

Thu, May 16, 2019

Thought of the day

I sit in my home where i grew up as a child. Unlike my current home, this is is noisy, in the middle of commercial area. The energy is high here. We have lots of land here but most of time before also we all used to prefer stay indoors.

my mother comes here for her community puja. I called that organization here to make is easy on her.

I watch her happy. I am ok to lose my freedom for her. Anyways i have no desire to travel the world because i know it is a useless thing unless you have to. it is the same every where. when time comes that too will happen.

so I am waiting for her work to finish.

I am happy. I have no work, no worries, nothing to do. This is the way i like it. this is how i lived in heaven or after life and how i will continue living after i die. i seek nothing. i have just learned to live the life of the enlightened one.

I like to have to worry of nothing, not even my own money to survive, all is taken care by my wife.