I believe in my prophecy

September 10, 2022
2 min read

there are so many things I wonder. This is all the there is to my life. I don’t know sometimes I feel that I have a completed my life. And then sometimes I feel that I got even started my life. Maybe both statements are true. But it is this feeling that I have achieved and that I also have not achieved that is both the sun at this point of my life. So who would be the really achieved human being. It’s not easy to make a definitely declaration on your level of achievement. Someone might say that you have achieve the last and another night stay here a very little. Maybe the objective is not to try to compare One self to anyone but to compare oneself with one’s feeling.

Even as a 50 year old man I have this child is notion that something big is still left for me to do. It seems so crazy and I guess no one has the will or the interest given to listen. In my heart as you how is your like I was fresh out of University and without any shackles. But then history is full of examples of people who have really made the marks in the older years as old as 60 70 and even in the 80. So I don’t think that my story is sealed. It is yet to find out who will have the last laugh. The format for such a life in which the person succeed in the end elderly days of his life is that this person has a habit of perseverance and resilience. Luckily for me I was born and I have developed such habits.

So what is my verdict?

I am no fool and this inner certainty that I have that one day my day of Glory will come which is beyond my imagination and certainly everybody else is imagination will come. So I must just continue doing what I am just doing like a small stream of water flowing whatever there is an incline so and sometimes it is stopped because of the flatness but as soon as it finds away to the sea the stream will begin its journey.