No regrets

May 16, 2019
2 min read

I will no regret when i grow old. The hardest things i wanted for my life, i did.

  • become a management consultant despite no education qualification
  • employment pass in singapore for 4 years
  • freelancer
  • part time ceo
  • failed entrepreneur
  • reinvented freelancer

one of the hardest blows occured with my desire to become a billionaire. I was just mad about this idea. I was basically bitten by the red monkey, as it had occured in my dream.

Never during my trial, did i really think that i would drop it like this. I guess it was part of the fun. Others will fall into hindsight bias. I will not. I genuinely thought i would continue and succeed.

However every night i used to have 2 dreams recurring:

  • swimming pools/oceans
  • my knees frozen and me unable to go where i wanted

So basically i knew that there was a problem with my aim to succeed at becoming a billionaire. But what i didn’t know.

After one year, i read the book of airbnb and uber. this book made me realize that success in these areas of life, was nothing like what i wanted.

God didn’t come and tell me. No one would make me believe that i had to stop , especially my wife who tried a lot. And later no one will make me believe i have to continue.

slowly the effect of the poison monkey faded thus bringing to here now writing this blog.

I lost about 2 lakh cash and the thought of having to dish out 50 k or so more to close the 2 companies make me angry. But this experience was needed for me to grow.

That is why i will have no regret. I never will look into a billionaire’s life and think, “only if i had tried, i too could.”.

I tried , i could, but i chose not to because that life sucks.

I know in my past lives i have done what they have done as a king. I will have no more of these.