Samadhi sequels

Fri, Jul 12, 2019

Spiritual Side

My samadhi has been growing to new directions. As i was in the universal omnipresent level, i slipped up and there I was at level 4.

I was welcomed by babaji. The first day it was at the end of the one hour session so that was it. The next day, i started from there and I was able to share my earthly problems. I could see the other monk in saffron whom i saw in my dreams. Both i had seen in my dreams in the last month.

the next day, i went at the 4th level and stayed, they were gone. I was again alone. one time I rose above the 4th level but didn’t go too far. the 5th day I just stayed there and meditated.

Yesterday, I realized i had become androgynous with vivid blue color. But i continued and travelled below when bored.

All throughout last week I recieved hundreds of jolts in the pineal gland area, and in the spine, and once in the chest area. In the day I recieved few jolts in the pituary gland area, starting from the shoulders.

I am transforming rapidly into something, but i don’t know into what and i also don’t desire to know. when time comes it will be revealed.

my out of body experience is increasing in proportion as expected. I am less aware of my physical surrounding as i go into samadhi.

I was visited yesterday with the creaking sound of the door. It was the first time after i attained samadhi.