Where to from Bliss?

February 11, 2019
1 min read

I am in this place of mind, where I know so much about everything. Where to go from here now, i am bit confused. To me it always seems like my last days alive.

Reading more of past life regression, has opened new ideas.

Somehow what i read in these books I knew intuitively.

The question now is what am i going to do next.

I feel i could disappear from existence now and have no regrets.

But i know i must complete my mission. It is even clearer now: it is to create a new way of thinking and living. I know how the world works now. It is time i connect with my masters and others in the spiritual world to start my job.

But I am in such a bliss. Exactly like described after a death in regressions. i was in such bliss in several periods of my life. may be they suggested a transition. I couldn’t read events and dreams at that time even till last year.