continuing samadhi

July 14, 2019
1 min read

In samadhi yesterday there were lots of jolts in the pineal gland area, and spine, may be 20+.

I quickly climbed to level 4. I met with my 2 friends. Tried to move up but it was so vast, i went down and practiced at level 3.

there was an external jolt also after a creaking sound.

time passed very quickly like 10 mins that is 1/6th as yesterday.

the fear of being harmed during samadhi is very negligible.

All throughout the day is it is a long meditation for this one hour, i know. All my work has been cancelled so that i can complete these experiences.

what is the goal of this experience i dont know.

all i know is that i am in bliss, unafraid of death, all knowing, feeling omniscient. and recently i feel i am some friends i can connect with finally.