2 Bodies – a spiritual state

April 5, 2019
1 min read

Post samadhi, i have gone through many phases. The current one is a conscious OBE (Out of Body Experience) that is controlled.

It is may be 20% to 50% of my causal/memory body, 10% to 30% of my mental body, 50% to 80% of my emotional body, 40%to 90% of my energy/astral body.

When I am in meditation physically, my physical body is 70 to 90% in the samadhi state. In other times, it is 5% to 10%

So this other body of mine, is real, in the sense of 30 % to 50% of the ascended masters. HAving attained the 6 siddhis, it is in full meditation to obtain the 7th and 8th siddhis. It has been only a few days, may be it will take days or years of decades but then this time of work is eternal like the myth of the siva in eternal samadhi.

I just feel like having two bodies. At times I am confused which one is the real me, but it is fine.

I still have dreams that are unconnected to either bodies.

So here I am again re-born in post samadhi. The sky is the limit. How am i do spend life ahead of me?