A dream too big

December 16, 2016
1 min read

I have a dream on the my 42nd year of life that is so big, i am scared to think of it. Yet i know in this world if any one can make this dream come true, it is me with my portfolio.

History is filled with such moments of doubts my great men. They were just puppets of the grand scheme of the unconscious or universal intelligence but i don’t want to be blindly guided into being an instrument of change. I don’t need or want the rewards that accompany it. I want to live this dream in full awareness. I am doing so.

When the time will come, i will dare to open my eyes to that dream that is ‘too big’.

And once i visualize anything, it comes true. However i am not ready to see that dream, not yet. I guess i am bit scared but more than that i don’t want to be burned by the sense of mission like other great men. In end, greatness is immaterial but my existence is all that will matter. So first i want to secure the latter and then only will i allow the latter in.