Why I became what I am: a Management Consultant

March 24, 2009
1 min read

Is the world different or am I  ? After a whole week of one of the most challenging management consulting work at the particular Bank, two articles, two morning classes, I feel restful today. 
I realize that I made the best of the imperfect human being I was with weakenes and liabilities that would make most people unsuccessful and compel them to camp towards the  last row of wealth and social recognition.
 I was just unable to fit within any structure I couldn’t even tolerate studies because it suppressed my dynamic multi-disciplanary mental frameworks .
I sought freedom from every form of conventional institutions of living and thinking. It was so hard to find a meeting point I had to go to the end of my soul and there it would come in junction with the meterial life of making money, paying bills, social status, marriage, children,  career, awareness of community…
It was about how I could make a living without stopping to live. Confusion led me to counseling , that led me to coaching, that took me to training, that led me to writing and that finally led to management consulting. Soon  I knew i was on tie right path.