May 20, 2017
1 min read

To analyse one’s life over time Saturday is a great reference point. So how your Saturday changed over time ?

This being my blog I’ll talk about my Saturday data points if you don’t mind.

This Saturday today is a productive one : the way i think i want to spend a good Saturday.

Exercise as usual 3 hrs. Then team game of basketball 1 hrs and badminton 1 hrs with my son along with a bit a walking. Eating out momo. Table tennis 1 hrs. Swimming 1 hrs. Teaching my son how to read a novel.

Other Saturday’s at times included house cleaning and gardening.

When my wife is around it goes on visiting relatives.

The scourge of a good Saturday is TV and internet. If there is no other option then it’s good at least better than sleeping the whole day.

I recall many such Saturday too.

But i spent many Saturdays reading too. If i can i love to take out my son to trekking or a good movie.

I used to spend much of a Saturday conducting trainings and traveling.

Yes Saturday’s!