Inspiration from the unexpected

June 15, 2009
2 min read

Last week my wife and myself, had a roller coaster ride of fear.  My wife’s period did not happen on time.  Obviously we have to consider pregancy.  It would have been a joy if we had planned for it and if we already did not have a 14months old baby on our laps, two careers, and a desire to lead a successful and happy life. 

I am writing this very personal matter to educate people. 

Well what happened is that we had been using protection of which date was actually expired.  I was uneducated about the risk of expired condoms.  Imagine that .  I am such a wellread person. 

I did a search on the web during the time my wife took a pregnacy test. Then only did i realize that once the expiry date is crossed, then the elasticity of condoms can’t be guanrantee, decreasing to a point where they can break, thus resulting in unwanted pregrancy. 

Thankfully, the test came negative. 

This incident made me realize that there is so much ignorance in the world and people are still not doing a great job at selling awareness. 

We think salesman of ideas or material form of ideas are a nuances, but is they who have made our life, safer, happier and more successful. 

this incident inspired me to continue further in my diversification into sales which is a natural progression from management consulting and motivating.