Non-earning days: fasting for the soul

September 27, 2010
2 min read

Think of it this way.  I need money to survive.  But as I into the process of earning money, i forget that it was to survive.  Earning money is no more a means to survival but it becomes an obsession in itself.  I live so i must earn. 

Please count the number of non-earning days of your life.  Many of us can not claim for such days.  Most of us are employed on a yearly or monthly basis and basically we are even paid when we are on holidays. 

Investors can say that they have non-earning days but even then they are receiving somekind of payment for having invested. 

I believe that we should all have non-paying days like we fasting days.  Doctors say fasting once a week is great on health. I believe that non-paying days are great for one’s soul’s well being. 

Money is contamination to the soul.  That you have to accept.  I am staying don’t earn.  I am saying get purified.  It is mud out there and you need to get home.  You have to get on the mud.  You cannot say i will not step on the mud.  You have to get in the mud.  You will but when you reach home you will take a bath to clean yourself. 

Similarly, earning money is something you cannot do without at work.  Only you need to purify yourself. 

Among the best ways are:

1.  charity

2.  yoga

3.  holidays

4.  spending on right causes

5.  joining spiritual or community associations.

But one the best ways to purify the soul i have found is to have non-earning days. 

It just takes out out the the race and frees you to think in the right way. 

Try it.