Who will speak against the media?

March 8, 2014
2 min read

With the controversy surrounding Dil Shova shrestha and her orphanage home called Aama ghar and the section of the media which of Course cannot be mentioned even here out of fear, leads to a serious question.

“Ok if the old lady was really guilty with evidence then the media should speak out. But now that it has successfully defamed a national icon and sadly no evidence is available and instead counter evidence has come, who will speak out against that section the of media?”

Before people were afraid of terrorists, the reigning party or the local thug but now a new monster has risen whose weapon is so omniscient that no one can even dare to speak out.

In a world of reputation, defamation is the worst thing that can happen after death. If one deserved it then it is fine but if it was part of yellow journalism or half cooked evidence then it is another crime.

If all have a threat of defamation then how come the media doesnt have such a threat. Is the media the new deathless monster? Is there noone or nothing that is a threat to the media if it engages in Yellow journalism?

But there is nothing such as action without consequences. “News of the world” fell.

Empires rise if they apply the right formulas and fall if they cant maintain their righteousness.

The same applies with media.