China and Dalai Lama: a new way out

September 29, 2009
3 min read

Last day I was watching a documentary on how the Dalai Lama was trying to restore independence to his country Tibet by lobbying and getting support from this time Canada.

This tussle has now been going on for over half a century and still there is no end it seems.

The Chinese don’t want to hear anything on the issue of Tibet and the Dalai Lama is trying to get support from all the countries that do business with China.  It seems like an endless circle.

It just seems that the Dalai Lama thinks that by keeping on this circle forever will get him the results he wants: free tibet at least in terms of religion.  May be he is right but may be he is not very strategic.

I think that now a new path has to be taken.

It is called Selling.

The Dalai Lama has to present his concept of Free tibet in such a way that a materialistic and stubborn china will buy.

The Dalai Lama must give a monety benefit analysis to China if Tibet is to freed and if he is allowed back from exile.  This could translate into:

1.  increased inflow of tourists

2.  increased exposure in the media

3.  a new ‘good guy’ image for china

4.  sanctuary to an increasing number of disillusioned ambitious chinese population

5.  more goodwill consumption of chinese products overseas

Of course the Dalai Lama must make his concept palatable in terms of features thereafter appealing their interests.  The features of free Tibet would be:

1.  political neutrality by the Dalai Lama

2.  no ethnic divisioning

3.  no propaganda against chinese cultures

By starting this new path of reconcilation with China, i believe the Dalai Lama has got higher chances to get back to his Tibet with full dignity in this life time.

Also it will offer the chinese a way out of the uncomfortable position they have found themeselves in because of mistakes their forefathers made last century.  It was destiny that tibet be captured under communist rule.  It is destiny that it will come back to its old grandeur but in a much more innovative way.  Excesses of past monasteries must be cut away and the monks must live in a more socially productive way.  I believe that this is their redemption.  As for the chinese, they were the medium of change for Tibet.

It is like we wake up from having been drunk heavily the night before.  We find it hard to apologize or even to justify our own actions but we try hardest.

Anyways, the dalai lama has to succeed and china too has to succeed.  Upto now they had different defintions of success.  From today onwards they must find a common definition of success.  It will be good business for all: china, tibet and the supporting countries.

Come on let’s face reality.  Peace, congeniality and fellowship is the call the 21st century.